Mr. Arjun Purohit (Advocate)
Purohit Associates (Industrial and Labour Law Consultants)

I am Arjun Purohit, founder partner of Purohit Associates. We are Industrial & Labour Law Consultants in Delhi NCR with above 25 years experience.
I would like take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr. Humshad Charna’s Investment advice. I was looking for non-aggressive Mutual Fund Portfolio which would be a better alternative to a fix deposit. I proudly share and appreciate the services of Mr. Humshad Charna that after understanding my objectives and risk taking appetite he planned out stable Mutual Fund investments for me. I have made an investment of Rs. 45 Lakh through Mr. Humshad Charna in some of the top Mutual Funds. I am very confident about my investments.
I highly recommend Mr. Humshad Charna to anyone individual or corporate who are looking to grow their money with the best advice and market knowledge.

Mr. Arjun Khosla
Founder & Director. Bitmetric Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I am Arjun khosla, director of Bitmetric Technologies Private Limited, a software development firm specializing in Business Workflow Management Solutions. I would like to present this Testimonial to Mr. Humshad Charna.
Even though we went to the same school, I met Humshad through my wife a few months ago and he quickly introduced me to BNI. In the short time I have known Mr. Humshad, I have come to know that he is a fantastic human being who has gone through major advertises in life and come out a winner- advertise most of us cannot even imagine, let alone face.
I must I was a bit skeptical when I first learnt what Humshad does, even though he has been successfully running his wealth management firm for many years. Having had years of bad experience with bank, insurance agents and so- called wealth managers, I was not sure about whether what Humshad was offering another rip-off or the real thing. But when I first visited him at his office, I realized that he has a genuine way of dealing with people and putting them at complete ease. He took us through the Investment options in a way any layman could clearly understand. He provided us the various options available and not once did he try to sell us or coerce us towards any specific product.
Both me and my wife have invested relatively large amounts in various and diverse funds. We are especially happy with the fact that we can see the value of our investment any time of the day by just logging on to his website. I am very happy with the investments I have made with Humshad and I genuinely believe that my money is in good hands and will be well looked after by Humshad.
I would recommend Humshad without any hesitation to all my friends, families and colleagues. I wish him the best of luck and success in his firm and I believe he will achieve nothing less than meteoric growth in the coming years.

Mr. Nitin Bhasin
Founder & Director, Maxcot Hospitality

My name is Nitin Bhasin and I represent Mascot Hospitality which is in the business of providing Accommodation and Banquet services. Mascot runs 6 properties across noida with an inventory of 150+ rooms and banquet spaces in every property to cater to group assignments and social events. 4 of these 6 properties figure in the Top properties in the region in their respective category.
I would like to take this opportunity to proudly share and appreciate the services of Mr. Humshad Charna’s Rising Investment Financials that me and my family have utilized time and again over the past year or so.
Advice after understanding the customers objectives and risk taking appetite amongst other things like liquidity needs. Like any prudent investor would want, he tries to further de-risk things by never banking on any single fund. His emphasis on educating his investors on the importance of building a regular saving habit, has helped me a lot personally.
His company is a team of qualified professionals and systems are process based as well as technology enabled – all of which give investors like me the confidence of dealing with a sound financial planner who can be trusted for any sound financial advice.
I wish Humshad and his company the very best.

Mr. Pramod Kanojia
Partner Loanmoney.in

I’m Pramod Kanoujia, Partner Loanmoney.in
We are Loan Providers from Over 35 Banks & Non Banking Financial Companies.
We specialize in Mortgages Loan and Unsecured Loans.
I have forwarded few references to Mr. Humshad Charna, both internal and external. He was Patient in making the clients understand the features of Investment in Mutual Funds. He not only processed the Fund applications timely, but assisted in updation of KYC’s as per Norms. His online app/URL of website for his clients is also very simple and useful.
In the short span of 5 months since myself and my relatives have invested through him as per suggestion for schemes, we have over 7% return in Net Asset Value.
I have found Mr. Humshad Charna to be reliable, efficient and experienced. As we grow we can feel confident that he will guide us as and when necessary. I would strongly recommend him for all my referrals for Investments in Mutual Funds.

Mrs. Ranjana Bhargava

I am Mrs Ranjana Bhargava, Principal and Director of the LITTLE SCHOLAR play school, crèche and day dare one of Noida oldest early childhood education with 28 years of experience. The school was awarded the best pre-school in Noida award in 2017.
We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr. Humshad Charna’s Investment advice. We were looking for non-aggressive Stable Mutual Fund Portfolio which would be a better alternative to a fixed deposit. Our wealth Manager Mr. Humshad Charna from Rising Investment guided us that FD’s do not even beat inflation anymore and also that the returns are taxable.
He planned out Stable Mutual Fund investment for us which would give us an annualised tax free average return of around 12% - 15%. Also if opted for these stable funds would give us a Monthly Tax Free Dividend of average 1% coming to our bank every month. And this is exactly the returns we are getting and are very satisfied with it. This kind of Investment Planning is Ideal for us Senior Citizens. The Online Software, Technology and Services that he has on offer at RisingInvestment.com are at par with the best in the country. We have referred Mr. Humshad Charna to a lot of family & friends and they are happy that he has done a good job for them too.
We recommend Mr. Humshad Charna to anyone individual or corporate who is looking for either Wealth Creation or for Wealth Management.

Dinesh Mahajan
Managing director

We are in the business of giving IT solutions and Printed labels for Industries, Retail, Health care, FMCG, Pharma and many other verticals.
We keep on investing our money in various financial portfolios like real estate, stock markets etc.
I had a opportunity to meet Mr. Humshad Charna (his company’s name is Rising Investments) and during the course I realized that he is a thorough professional with tremendous knowledge of his subject of Mutual Funds and also understands the need/ requirement of the customer to suggest him the appropriate investment plan.
I finally made an investment in selected Mutual Fund plans of more than a crore of rupees though him and realized handsome returns on my investments.
Another best thing is that he has a software and one can see the investment performance just by click of the button.
Therefore I highly recommend Mr. Humshad Charna to all those who are looking for right investment and want to grow their money.
Wishing Mr. Humshad Charna & his company a great success.

Nitu Walia Kanwar

I am Nitu Walia Kanwar from Empower Image, an Image consulting and corporate training firm and I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Humshad Charna for not only providing me the best financial advice but also delivering what he and his company Rising Investments vouch for. Just three month back, in Mar’16, I had made an investment of 17 Lakh through Mr. Charna in some of the top Mutual Funds and today just in a short period of three month there is an average return of 14.8% with some of the funds giving a gain of 21.5% also. He made a very diverse portfolio for me based on my goals.
The best thing is that just on click, at any time I can see all my investments and how they are performing……and they all are green.
Since I have made these investments with a long term plan, I am very positive and confident about my investments. I highly recommend Mr. Humshad Charna to all those who are looking to grow their money with the best advice and market knowledge.
Wishing Humshad and his company great success. Keep Rising!

Salon Shrivastav
Interior Designer

I am Saloni Shrivastav, Interior Designer & Space Artist, Universal Solutions. We have been in the Interior Design industry for over 5 year and work on projects in the corporate, commercial, hospitality & retail segments.
I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Humshad Charna, Wealth Manager, Rising Investment Financials. With his wide knowledge & understanding of the market, he made an absolutely fantastic & diversified mutual fund portfolio for me, keeping in mind my goals. Soon, I introduced Mr. Charna, to my parents. They had a few concerns that went flying out the window as he sat patiently explaining every single product & understanding the kind of returns they wanted. They too, immediately decided to make their investments as well.
All our portfolios are green, and giving very good returns only in a matter months, even when the market was down! He also has a very smart software online, through which one can easily view/review the performance of every single product, just by a click of the button.
I can without a doubt vouch for Mr. Charna and his company, Rising Investment Financials for their meticulous way of handling every single portfolio & commend him for the effort and detail put. He is now, our family wealth manager. I recommend him to every individual who is looking for fruitful investments. Wising him all the best for his future endeavors.

Avinash Chander Sud
Managing director

I AVINASH CHANDER SUD (FCA) consultant housing and welfare societies do hereby give under my hand a testimonial for Shri Humshad Charna of Rising Investments a wonderful and fulfilling career ahead.
He is very well versed in his affairs and having worked with Citibank and other reputed organizations, deserves lots of accolades being expert in his field of investments. His deep observation, in depth knowledge and track record all shows his versatility and sincerity of approach. His other strength is his FOCUS on single pursuit to see that his clients are happy and their investments are rewarding enough.
More I say less it will be, for he has a long successful career ahead.

Anshu Dawar

I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Humshad Charna of Rising Investment Financials and was impressed by his through knowledge of his industry. After burning my hands in stock market I had stopped investing in Stock market or instruments related to it, but after meeting Humshad I changed my mind and gave a thought of starting investing in Mutual Funds. His thorough professionalism where he does the KYC and Risk profiling of all family members is well appreciated and makes him truly a family investment advisor.
During the last 1.5 yrs the investments I did through Humshad has given great returns and I do recommend Humshad as an Investment advisor to my friends whom I meet.
I thanks Humshad for his services and wish him great luck for the future.